What is Proquim?

Proquim is an industry leader in the importation, manufacturing, storage, and distribution of chemical raw materials in Venezuela. We pride ourselves on our extensive know-how and seventy-year history in the market.


Leadership capacity, audacity, determination, but above all an entrepreneurial and visionary spirit, are some of the reasons that inspired Mr. Janos Fenjves to start this organization more than seven decades ago.


The story begins when Janos Fenjves, a Hungarian-born chemical engineer living in postwar Europe, is invited to work at the leading leather tannery in Venezuela. The year is 1948 and Europe is a ruin, so the young engineer decides to gamble on the future and more to Venezuela.

After having worked as a process engineer at the tannery for a few years, and after having mastered the foreign language by then, Fenjves decides to start a small chemical distribution company in 1951. He names it Proquim – short for ‘Productos Quimicos’ (Chemical Products).

Over time Fenjves grows Proquim into a leading distributor in the country. Venezuela was growing at unprecedented rates—the jewel of Latin America—and the company grew equally fast. Fenjves managed to represent major chemical companies in the US, Europe and Asia.

In due course Proquim had its own warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and offices in all the major industrial centers of Venezuela. In its seventy year history Proquim has grown from a one-man-shop into a multi-generational family business. It has managed to survive good times and bad times, always with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Proquim continues to be the leading distributor of chemicals in Venezuela.


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